Sunday, March 25, 2012

Preschool Fun Days

Each month in preschool we have some special activities.  We celebrate birthdays, have a cooking day, and go on a field trip.  On March 20, we celebrated all the March birthdays in Bear and Calf class.  We spent a half hour partying, where we sang, gave the birthday kids a book of cards, and consumed cake and snacks.  This is one day where parents can send in treats for the class, and they really take advantage of that opportunity.  Some months, there are three or even four birthdays in a month, so there is a ton of food.  We had one birthday in Bear class, and two in Calf this month. Here are some pictures from the celebrations:
My co-teacher Iryne and me in Bear Class

Bear Class celebrates

Singing "Happy Birthday" in Calf Class

Celebrations in Calf Class
Birthday card book!

This month on cooking day we made jam and banana sandwiches (some kids are allergic to nuts, so no peanut butter).  We show the kids the steps in preparing the food, then they make a huge mess in attempting to make it themselves.  They really enjoy it, and they bring in their own aprons and cooking garb for the event.

Slicing bananas

Spreading the jam
The chefs in Calf Class

This month's field trip was at Butterfly Park.  Unfortunately it's still too cold to see the butterflies in the park, but instead we took a tour through a small museum with both live and preserved animals.  Before the tour, the kids sat in an auditorium watching a Korean cartoon about ecological preservation.  It was similar to those Disney and Pixar movies that try and include messages about conservarion, but on a much larger scale.  In fact, it was quite disturbing, and I couldn't even understand the dialogue...For a 20-minute movie, there was a lot of death, violence, and odd spiritual scenes. Strangely, the kids only seemed frightened when the lights were turned down. I've heard the Korean folklore is very different from that in the states. Sounds like I have some research to do!

 Looking at creepy crawly bugs in the museum

 She was scared of the beetles, so we moved on to the frogs

Why aren't they this interested in my lessons? :)

After the video and museum tour, we went outside and fed the rabbits some cabbage.  There was also a playground with large-scale musical instruments for the kids.  They ran around banging on barrel drums, xylophones, and weaved through wind chimes.  After the trip, we went back to school for lunch and wrote a Field Trip Report.  This involved tracing the sentence, "We had fun at the park," and trying to get the kids to color a picture of themselves at the park.  Some girls only wanted to draw hearts with smiley faces.  Others just wanted to color the whole box brown and black... Maybe we'll get it next month! Enjoy some more photos of my little ones:

 Bear class friends

 Playing at the musical park

 Feeding the rabbits

Ready to head back for lunch
What a nice couple of breaks we had from the normal school day routines.  Can't wait for the April fun days!

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